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Do you know how to take care of your rugs and sofas? Smart answers for proper carpet cleaning!

To make your life easier, we gathered the best out of the best Frequently Asked Questions among the entire carpet cleaning industry. Asked by the customers, answered by the specialists, this page will certainly satisfy your curiosity about the industry. Scroll down now!

How long will it take for mold or mildew to form in wet carpets?

When carpets get wet or dirty, they will be prone to the growth of mold and mildew. According to Carpet Cleaning Arcadia experts, there is however, no definite time frame for predicting when mold will grow on the surface. For a material to support mold growth, it must be damp and wet, be in a stagnant air environment, and the room must have poor humidity. But if it is kept clean and dry, there will be little possibility for mold or mildew growth.

How long will it take for mildew to grow on carpets?

Mildew takes three to four weeks to develop. However, the general rule is that carpets will most likely accelerate the growth of mildew where dirt thrives, and where the environment is damp, humid and dark. They also cling on surfaces that accumulate lots of dust, such as wool. However, they cannot survive in clean, dry spaces, so it is recommended by carpet cleaning contractors to hinder the growth through a mildew inspection.

What kind of stains are worse?

Oil and sauce stains are definitely the worst. Oils for cooking or different applications and tomato won't be removed easily. Some of the markers that children use for painting won't come out easily either. Our experts in Arcadia suggest instant carpet stain removal but avoid using very strong detergents with chemicals or you might ruin or discolor the rugs.

Why does the odor remain even when the stain is gone?

This is because stain removal agents do not necessarily remove the odor, even though most do claim to do so. For particularly strong odors, baking soda does a good job of absorbing the stench. If all else fails, there are products specifically made for carpet odor removal.

Should I install carpets in the bathroom?

As an overall, it's not a good idea to install carpets in the bathroom due to high moisture. Even if you are careful with water, there could still be leakage and there is also elevated humidity even if the room is ventilated. Although there are highly resistant fibers today, you should still make mildew inspection a habit. It's best to place moveable area rugs.

How often should I clean my porcelain tile floor?

This depends on the traffic it gets. In general, you can clean the floor safely as often as twice a week. More frequent cleaning is rarely required. Remember to sweep and vacuum the floor before cleaning it with a liquid solution. You should never miss rinsing and drying either. The finishing touches will help you to achieve excellent results.

How long will it take before it gets dirty again?

There is no timeline as to how long a carpet will remain clean. But with the method the carpet cleaning contractor uses, it remains clean for a while. But make sure to bring it back to our rug cleaning company regularly as residues of dirt just make it dirtier.

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