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Discover a free source of practical tips in the field of carpet cleaning. Use this page to learn how to keep the floor treatments in your house in good condition and to ensure that they will not be full of dust and pollen. The advice shared here is detailed and easy to apply for any person regardless of their previous knowledge or skills.

Don't mind the stains! We have the best tips for carpet and sofa cleaning

Stains will be removed completely. So, learn how to remove vomit today! Also find out why you must choose the right shampoos for your precious carpets.

Use only specially-designed shampoo on carpets

Shampooing your carpet has become less common due to the growing popularity of steam cleaning, but it remains an effective cleaning method nonetheless. This does not necessarily mean that you should use any kind of shampoo, as it could cause the residue to stick to the surface, attracting more dirt. Carpet Cleaning Arcadia recommends all carpet owners to use shampoo that is specially made for cleaning carpets.

Removing vomit off your carpet

Remember that anything can spill on your carpet, even things that you cannot imagine, like vomit. You can clean any kind of vomit on your carpet by blotting it as much as you can, then quickly diluting the spot with a mixture of baking soda and water, or even with club soda. Once that is done, apply another mixture consisting of one part ammonia and ten parts water, rinse the spot with cold water, let it dry then vacuum.

Start with a clean filter or bag

Carpet cleaning specialists in Arcadia suggest that the filter and bag of the vacuum must be cleaned prior to use, because it can affect the suction power by half. Be sure to replace the bag when its three quarters full. Got a bagless vacuum? Keep the filter clean by washing it before use, and then replacing it every three months.

Removing pet stains on carpets

When pet dogs and cats don't have access to the outside and they have to go, they will find a spot on your carpet. Whether it's a number 1 or a number two, it will definitely leave a stain even after some moderate cleaning. To remove it, cover the stain in baking soda and then pour roughly an equal amount of white vinegar on it. Brush the solution in, wipe and repeat until clean.

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